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JavaScript (TypeScript & PWAs)

JavaScript (TypeScript & PWAs)

The House

Find out about some of the cutting edge areas of the JavaScript landscape.


This month we're going to be exploring some cutting edge parts of the JavaScript landscape. We're also going to be starting a little earlier so that we can try and get started at 7pm. We'll be starting off with two talks then spend the rest of the evening socialising and discussing some of the many parts that make up the JavaScript ecosystem.



TypeScript: Why Even?

The dynamism and flexibility of Javascript is what makes the language so great, so why would you want to add static typing and more traditional concepts to an already rich language? This talk covers why, and how, you can do this using TypeScript.

Speaker: Mike Barker

Introducing Progressive Web Apps

In this talk Calum will be discussing the practical advantages of Progressive Web Apps versus native apps without trying to compete with them and how you can get started building one. The talk will introduce common features of Progressive Web Apps such as adding offline capability.

Speaker: Calum Ryan