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Performance: Part 2

Performance: Part 2

The House

The second instalment of our performance boosting meetup


Starting from this month, we'll be using meetup to RSVP to this event.

After the success of the last performance based meetup, we have decided to do a part 2. We felt that there are plenty more areas that we can, and should cover to help improve the web as a whole. This include how to handle responsive images, easy wins to improve your Google PageSpeed test score, how to reduce page weight and maybe even some insight as to how HTTP/2 will change the way we build website.


Performant Images

Mike leads a discussion that covers the various aspects of using images on the web, from the basics of images types and compression, to the picture and srcset elements and how they can improve your users experience.

Slides: Performant Images

Speaker: Mike Masey